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Chip classifiers

We have been manufacturing chip classifiers already from the 1980s. In our current portfolio we have manual and automated wood chip classifiers. Both models are extremely reliable and fulfill the Nordic SCAN standard up to 100%.

Depending on the pulp mill capacity, the automated or manual chip classifier returns the investment already within its first year.

Manual Chip Classifier

manuaalin kuva hakeseula.jpg

Operation according SCAN-CM 40:01 standard: extremely accurate screening results. Box dimensions (inside): 90x400x650mm

Technical Information

  • Motor Bauer 2,2kW 3~/400VAC 50Hz
  • Strike 120mm 163/min
  • Frequency 2,7Hz
  • Weight 400kg
  • Electrical locking of screening boxes
  • Magnet 40N
  • Timer
  • Options: different screening holes and plates

Automated Chip Classifier

Demo video of our Automated Chip Classifier:

Automated Chip classifier includes Windows-based APu-software, robot operated chip classifier, opportunity to load 12 samples at a time and automatic waste removal.

Benefits in a nutshell:

  • Storage for 12 samples
  • Does not require any operator time during working cycle
  • Low operating costs
  • Increases screening capacity without additional expenses
  • Purchase chips constant quality control
  • Own production quality control
  • Minor need for service and spare parts

We deliver all over the world, please contact our sales to receive more info or quotation/proposal.