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Special applications

We design and manufacture special machines and production lines to meet the different industrial markets needs. These special machines are unique and very seldom we design or manufacture two-alike machines.

Design is based on the need of the customer, who cannot find a proper machine in the market. We present you our plan and offer how to solve the problem.

We have been solving production challenges several decades and for example developed following unique solutions:

  • Cable winding machine
  • Glass drilling machine
  • Automated lid positioning machine
  • Special clothing production line
  • Camouflage net production line
  • Sanding machine
  • Production line for military goods processing
  • Special conveyer lines
  • Ice hockey stick manufacturing line

In several cases the engineered and manufactured special machine is integrated to an existing production line.

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Our engineering and design service can serve you also without actual machine building. Please read more under engineering.