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Steel Blackening

Blackening (coating of black oxide steel) is a method which is used to generate a black surface on metal parts. Metal parts are boiled in water a solution of active substances including sodium hydroxide (NaOH) and sodium nitrate (NaNO3). After the process, all parts are impregnated with silicon oil.

Blacking is well suited for a variety of machine parts, tools, and gears. The surface of the product becomes smooth. The process is fast and Muototerä offers fast delivery times and excellent surface quality. Maximum product size in our blackening line:

  • Length 780 mm
  • Width 480 mm
  • Height 300 mm

We offer also corrosion removal service before the actual blackening process. The packaging of the product is done with special attention in order to ensure scratch free deliveries.

Muototerä's blacking line does not pose a danger to the environment.

Please contact us and ask for a quotation on steel blackening.