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Vihiojantie 4 (Nekala district),
Tampere 33800, Finland

Tel: +358 (0) 3 225 4300
WhatsApp: +358 400 978541

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Service and spare parts

Our own staff performs fast and reliable maintenance services based on a pre schedule or ad-hoc requests. No matter if your waterjet cutting solution, chip classifier, cutting die or press, special engineered machine, marking device or any other machine deliver by us, we will offer service and maintenance to it.

Through us you can also get service and maintenance to other than Muototerä water jets. This includes:

  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Repairs and wear part service
  • High pressure pump maintenance, service, and spare parts (KMT, Flow and WSI)

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Or service team operates flexibly in whole Finland and extensively in other European countries and also globally when requested.

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