We have clients in all industries and in all size classes from Florida to Vladivostok. There is no typical client. Some have annual sales less than one million euro; others exceed 700 million. Sometimes the CEO is operating the machine with couple of colleagues, other clients count their employees in thousands. We have this and everything in between. Only common nominator is the need to cut something with maximum efficiency.

Today Muototerä means 30 experts aiming for one goal: client satisfaction. We value every client and do everything in our power to increase our client’s competitiveness. We know that every business is facing brutal competition and if you make an investment decision for the future, it needs to work and redeem all promises.

What separates us from other manufacturers? 

Our competitive edge comes from the following factors:

Our competitive edge comes from the following factors:

We have a low hierarchy organization and top management is committed to customer satisfaction. We have very high employee satisfaction, and this reflects to everything we do. Our top management is available to solve all issues that might occur as the time goes pass.

As we also cut with own waterjets every day, we have a good understanding of the cutting process. Knowledge is the key to success in all business and waterjet makes no exception. All R&D initiatives are always tested and approved at our own cutting factory.

Our product range covers all needed solutions for waterjet cutting. Products are highly modular enabling hundreds of variations for every demand. No matter what you need to cut, we will help you to solve your problems.

We have developed our own In-house operating software for great user experience without compromises. It contains all aspects that you need in efficient waterjet cutting: no more, no less.

By using only quality components we assure the long life of all machines we build. We have clients using more than 25 years the machines we have made.

Service is our core. We help to get machine specification right and we help to get the machine profitable from the day 1. Additional training and online support are always available.

All machines go through a strict quality assurance process. Clients are welcomed to see our production and always invited to Factory Acceptance Testing to cut their own test pieces.