Apparatenbouw De Poort BV


De Poort BV is a metalworking company located in The Netherlands, Bergen op Zoom. Thanks to their years of experience and craftsmanship, the company can carry out many types of projects. Their competencies cover such areas as engineering, equipment construction, piping, and construction work.

The company carries out the construction work according to the wishes of their customers. They are able to do more or less everything in steel, stainless steel and aluminum. All their work is carried out with approval to qualifications, such as: EN 1090, PED, Kiwa and Asme.

As De Poort is working with various metal materials, waterjet cutting is a perfect fit for their manufacturing process. In 2021 they decided to update their old waterjet cutting machine and they selected FinJet H for their new equipment. The machine is powered with an ultra-high-pressure pump with a maximum pressure of 6.200 bar. This will give them speed and flexibility to cut all metals that is needed in their production. Thanks to higher pressure and real time adjustable sand feeder, De Poort saves up to 45% on abrasive usage and still get the same cutting quality and speed.

In addition to metals, the company uses waterjet for cutting other materials such as rubber and glass. As there is no heat in the process, there is no deformation in the material structure. This secures the optimal quality for the company’s end products and gives quality assurance promise to their customers.


Client: Apparatenbouw De Poort BV

Location: Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands

Industry:Metalworking Equipment

Waterjet Cutting Machine: FinJet H4020, 6200 bar

“We are happy with our cooperation with Muototerä and Cinnova [Muototerä’s Dutch Sales Representative]. There was a loud and clear explanation about how the machine works and how we can maintain it. The machine was neatly delivered by the transporter and then the machine was installed by 2 skilled Muototerä employees.

It was our wish to buy a machine from a company that specializes in waterjet machines, so that we can fall back on their knowledge and expertise in event of malfunctions. There is absolutely no question of a 9 to 5 mentality at Cinnova, support is always available.”

Ivo Simons, Purchaser at De Poort BV