BestGlass Oy


BestGlass oy is one of the most modern insulating glass factories in the world. The company produces over 45% of the insulating glass used in Finland and have export sales to Sweden and Norway. Their net sales exceed EUR 28M. BestGlass Oy employs more than 100 people, although highly automated insulating glass lines handle most of the production independently.

As waterjet cutting is widely used in glass industry due its versatility and unlimited cutting possibilities, BestGlass decided to get their waterjet cutting machine. In 2019 they chose FinJet H4060 to fulfill their waterjet cutting needs far into the future.


Client:                         BestGlass Oy

Location:                    Nivala, Finland

Industry:                    Glass Industry


Waterjet Machine:   FinJet H4060

Photo: BestGlass Oy