OT-Kumi Oy


OT-Kumi Oy is one of Finland’s leading manufacturers of sealing profiles. Their customers operate in the construction industry, infrastructure construction, and the car and ship industry. The company’s main market areas are Finland, the Scandinavian and Baltic countries. The OT-Kumi factory is located in Ii, 35 kilometers north of Oulu. They have more than 4,500 square meters of production space and 11 profile manufacturing machines.

The company also operates a FinJet waterjet cutting machine with a 5-axis cutting head. OT-Kumi uses water cutting mainly for cutting rubber and metals. Water cutting offers them almost unlimited possibilities for cutting any material.


Client: OT-Kumi Oy

Location: Ii, Finland

Industry: Sealing profiles

Website: www.ot-kumi.com

Waterjet Cutting Machine: FinJet H3015, 5-axis cutting head FinCline 60

“Professional service from the beginning to the end of the project. FinJet H3015 met our expectations, and we are very satisfied with the purchase. With this acquisition, we will be able to serve our customers even more efficiently”

-Niko Laurila, Product Developer, OT-Kumi Oy