Rakla Oy


Rakla is one of the leading companies in Finnish glass industry. Their wide product and service range covers all glass operating process from cutting and tempering to lamination and digital printing.

Technological development is one of Rakla’s main drivers. They do close operation with Glaston PLC on product development and together these companies are taking the glass industry into a next level. This is showing the dedication of Rakla to keep the continuous improvement on their core values.

In waterjet cutting, Rakla is one of the most experienced glass cutting company in Finland. They have been running their FinJet waterjet cutting machine for over a decade and still operating it every day. No matter what glass needs to be cut in what ever form, they can rely on waterjet cutting.


Client: Rakla Oy

Location: Tampere, Finland

Industry: Glass Industry

Website: www.rakla.fi

Waterjet Cutting Machine:   FinJet H4030

“With waterjet we can cut glass quickly and accurately. The result is high quality, which is very important to us. Excellent usability, professional & high-quality maintenance, and service operations related to the machine will definitely keep us customers of Muototerä in the future as well.”

Visa Seppälä

Factory Manager, Rakla Oy

Photo: Rakla Oy