Secto Design Oy


Secto Design is known for their timeless and unique designed wooden lightning. Over the years Secto Design has built a comprehensive worldwide retailer network and is represented widely across the world. Their story on building a global brand is truly amazing.

FinJet waterjet cutting machine was their biggest purchase since the production was moved to their own hands in 2017. With their own waterjet cutting machine they can ensure better quality, reliability of delivery, and greater flexibility.

The waterjet cutting machine is mainly used for cutting the rings but is also used for making their own tools and utensils. Secto Design can also better utilize the leftover pieces of thin veneer in their own production. This equals to a minimum amount of loss, which is highly important to a company emphasizing sustainability as one of its key values. Waterjet cutting is a sustainable choice, as there are no toxics used in the process of cutting or harmful by-products caused by it.


Client: Secto Design Oy

Location: Heinola, Finland

Industry: Design Lightning Industry


Waterjet Machine:   FinJet P3020

As Secto Design is a Finnish company to whom local production is an important value, it also felt meaningful to them to select a waterjet cutting machine that is made in Finland. Thus, they decided to buy the machine from Muototerä.

Photo by Uzi Varon: Secto Design Oy