Robot waterjet cutting – a modern way of cutting

Hydnum Oy’s production started in 1976 with rubber floor mats for heavy vehicle. Their product range also included different technical rubber products, rubber surfaces for steel rolls and many more. From 1990’s their product range was narrowed down and they started to develop a production process for polyurethane floor mats based on the RIM technology. Hydnum Oy was the first in the world to launch mass production for polyurethane floor mats in 1995.

We are happy to be part of this great success story. Muototerä delivered them the first robot waterjet cutting application back in 1989. After over 30+ years, it’s still in use in their production. When we talk about long life cycle of our application, we mean it.

Watch the video here

Muototerä has built many different robot cells with different solutions, all of which are always designed according to the customer’s needs.

Robot cutting can be implemented either as an individual robot cabinet or as a robot cell to be integrated into a production / automation line. In a robotic cabinet solution, it is recommended that you integrate a rotary table into the cabinet so that you do not have to work on the cutting area. If the robot is integrated into an existing production line, safety and the desired production rate will be considered.


Configure your own waterjet cutting machine! Design and request for quote of a waterjet cutting system by choosing the best fit from various options.