Waterjet cutting process and waterjet cutting machine trainings are an integral part of the services we provide. Good training ensures that the machines are in efficient use. That way, users will know how to get the most out of waterjet cutting machines and waterjet cutting process. We provide waterjet cutting machine operator training, programming training, maintenance training, and waterjet cutting process consultation.

Waterjet cutting machine operator training

Operator training is an integral part of the machine delivery process. The operator training can be held either at the premises of Muototerä or at the client. Experience shows that the best benefit is obtained when training is provided at the client’s premises when the machine is commissioned.

Operational training is also provided later in the life cycle of the waterjet cutting machine. For example, when new personnel start in the company or when the machine is upgraded, it may pay off to provide additional training for machine operators.

Operator training includes the following elements, which are always tailored to the client’s needs:

  • Reviewing safety instructions and safe operation
  • Introduction of the machine mechanics and principles of operation
  • Regular self-servicing actions
  • Machine operation in different situations
  • CAD / CAM software training


Software training is part of operator training and sometimes individual training after the machine commissioning. This training focuses on CAD / CAM software and how to utilize it, considering client’s specific needs. Well done cutting programs increase the efficiency of the waterjet cutting machine and reduces unnecessary waste of time and resources. Software training is provided for different software modules, as needed, either at the premises of Muototerä or at the client.


The maintenance and service of the waterjet cutting machine can be outsourced to Muototerä, in whole or in part, but it can also be insourced by the client. Upon delivery or after the delivery of the machine, the client may receive training on waterjet cutting equipment maintenance. In this case, a separate set of tools is needed, which contains the special tools needed for high pressure pump maintenance. The training will include a thorough review of the operation of the high pressure pump and maintenance procedures for selected components.


A waterjet cutting machine has typically a very long life. During this lifecycle, there may be situations where you want to use the machine for a different cuts than originally intended. At this point you can get back to Muototerä and get training for the process of cutting new materials.

Muototerä have comprehensive information on how to cut various materials. In new cutting processes, it may become essential to optimize, for example, cutting speeds and accelerations, pressure levels, cut quality, abrasive usage, or a combination of these. Training is based on the demand what needs to be achieved. Muototerä process training provides a faster way to find the right parameters for efficient production cutting.


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