When cutting soft materials, such as plastic, foam, rock wool, rubber or plywood, abrasive can be left out from the cutting process. This enables faster movements and system can be optimized for pure waterjet cutting.

  • Cutting area: 2 x 2 – 3 x 2 m
  • Z-axis: 100/ 200 / 300 mm
  • Positioning accuracy: ± 0,025 mm/m
  • Repeatability: ± 0,015 mm
  • X and Y axis max speed: 40 / 100 m/min
  • Cutting heads: 1 – 6, 2D or 3D



FinJet P pure waterjet cutting machines are designed to optimally utilize the high accelerations and speeds used in water-only waterjet cutting. Traditional Z-axis have been replaced by a rising and falling waterjet cutting table. This makes the X-beam and nozzle units as light as possible for higher speeds. The cutting height is determined by the program or it can be adjusted by the machine operator.




The FinJet P models are powered by high-performance linear motors up to a maximum power of 7000 N, delivering speeds of 40 m/min or up to 100 m/min. In addition, there is always a separate measuring system for precision linear guides, which allows precise positioning of the machine, despite its high acceleration.

Benefits of a linear motor:

– High speeds and accelerations
– Measuring function integrated into the system
– The absolute position is always known
– High system positioning and repeatability
– Inductive non-contact measurement principle
– Good resistance to abrasion
– No worn transmission components


Since pure waterjet cutting machines are always exposed to at least water, the protection must be designed accordingly. In FinJet P models, the X-axis is always protected by a tight round bellows. The Y-movement is protected by a U-bell and the machine frame is covered to withstand extreme conditions.


Electric cabinets on FinJet P models are always built with closed circuit cooling, which makes electrical and automation components more durable and the water cutter less susceptible to failure. The machine is controlled by Muototerä’s own interface for water cutting. The HMI (Human Machine Interface) is a 21.5 ”Full HD touchscreen with a powerful 1.91GHz processor. The user interface has been designed based on the user experience so that it is simple yet powerful, offering all the features needed for effective waterjet cutting.

Electrical and automation design on all FinJet waterjet cutting machines is planned and executed by Muototerä’s own personnel. This allows optimum compatibility between mechanical and automation components. A good water cutting machine is made from quality components, but it is not enough on its own. All parts must work together seamlessly. The objective of Muototerä is always to make the waterjet cutting machines perform better than the sum of their parts. In practice, this means collaborative design in mechanical and automation so that they are executed simultaneously for best results.


High pressure components play a critical role in waterjet cutting. As it is a high pressure device (3800 – 6200 bar), the high pressure components are subjected to extremely heavy stress. In addition to the self-made components, Muototerä uses components from KMT Waterjet. High-quality components guarantee the reliability of the machine at all pressure levels.

All FinJet waterjet cutting machines can be connected to any high-pressure pump, including old ones already at the client’s site. Muototerä is an official distributor of KMT High Pressure Pumps and a Premium OEM Partner. Our high pressure pump product range can be found here



Due to the modular design, several accessories and options can also be added as a retrofit.


The cutting table is surrounded with a safety light barrier. Interrupting of light barrier will stop the cutting process and the pump.

Safety light barrier

Isolated cutting area with either fixed walls or mesh fence and sliding door. The cutting table is surrounded with a fence according layout. The fence has one door as standard equipped with safety switch.

Isolated cutting area

Safety dump valve relieves the high pressure water from the tubing of the table when safety circuit is deactivated. At the same time another valve closes the high pressure network allowing to keep the pressure high on the network. Safety dump valve allows the pump to remain on while i.e. changing nozzle without pressure on the machine tubing. This helps to work safely and continue work quickly after activating the safety circuit. Otherwise the pump must be stopped.

Safety dump valve package
It is easily movable and has some place for papers. Dimensions W x D 650 x 750 mm, height 1400mm.

Operator panel on a movable rack
The control panel is fixed to the machine.

Operator panel fixed on the machine
Remote control can be used to position all the axles of the table. It has also start, stop and water test functions.

Remote control
Unit is connected to the controller and it sends a SMS message to preset mobile phone number, when the program ends, or there is a fault with high pressure pump or cutting table. Customer is responsible for ordering a SIM-card. We recommend the mobile unit, if the system will be used for unmanned cutting.

Frame done from stainless steel instead of normal steel.

Stainless steel frame
System lubricates all the bearings between programmed time. It is equipped with pressure switch, which assures that the lubrication is working correctly.

Automatic machine lubrication system
Multiple zero-point setting for automatic cutting job que. Several sheets can be put on table and set individual zero points and cutting programs for each sheet (max 9 pcs). This option requires height sensor.

Automatic cutting job que
Suttle table enables simultaneous cutting and part exchange. Automation takes care of the tables and adjusts them according to the material thickness.

Shuttle table


Rubber splash protect in front of the tank can be lifted up by pneumatic air.

Automatically rising cover
On 3 sides of the machine will be installed a stainless steal protector to prevent water splashes from the cutting tank.

Splash prorectors
Guns make it easy to clean the plate and parts after cutting.

Pneumatic hoses
The equipment absorbs the steam and waste water generated during cutting from the table and filters the cutting waste. The suction also helps to keep the cut piece straight and stationary. This reduces moisture absorption in the material being cut.

Waste water treatment equipment


The FinCline 60 allows you to cut beveled pieces. The height sensor comes with the bevel head but cannot be combined with the collision sensor.


The bevel cutting head allows you to cut beveled pieces. The height sensor comes with the bevel head but cannot be combined with the collision sensor.

Basic 2D cutting head with three axis (Z, Y, Z).

Basic cutting head
The cutting heads are mounted on their own sleds and the distance between them can be adjusted automatically.

Automatic nozzle distance adjustment
Enables one sided bevel cutting without the actual 5-axis bevel cutting head.

Manual nozzle rotation
Sapphire crystal protected laser pointer for zero-point setting.

Laser pointer


The optional heat exchanger saves tap water when it does not need to be used to cool the pump. The heat exchanger is used to recover the waste heat from the pump for heating the hall.

Oil-air cooler
The tool kit contains special tools required for pump maintenance. The option includes one day maintenance training on delivery of the machine.

Tool kit
Spare part set according to pump and machine type.

Spare parts kit
Allows multiple high pressure pumps to operate on the same pressure line.

Stroke control
The analog gauge shows the pressure in the pipeline. It also helps to find of internal pump leaks.

Analog pressure gauge
Allows pressure control not only from the pump but also from the machine control.

Pressure display


Configure your own waterjet cutting machine! Design and request for quote of a waterjet cutting system by choosing the best fit from various options.


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